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Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

°˖✧ Lolita Wardrobe Update 2015 ✧˖°

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Hello cuties,

I know it's been a while, I have taken some time for my private life, to find my true love, to study at the university, still being the active designer of MeltyWish and for my family of course.
I'm really sorry that I had to quit blogging for over a year now. I'll try my best to write new entries soon. Because I really miss being an active part of blogger.
You can still follow all my thoughts and important things @ my twitter.
Yes, I slightly changed my blogdesign again, I think it's now better & easier to read. What do you think?

For the 're-start' I will show you the lolita pieces I fell in love for this year and from the end of the past 2014. I hope you like them too.

Embossed Logo 3-way Bag - Innocent World

I fell in love with this baby because of the perfect deep red wine color, and I LOVE embossed logos. It's kinda nostalgic. And yes classic lolita is getting an option for me. I like it more and more (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧
And well, the quality of Innocent World bags is amazing.

Pocket Watch Socks - Ergi By Piratessan

I have bought the wine socks, to create a classy coord with a simple black JSK, and the wine IW bag above.
I wore this outfit for the Harry Potter Exhibition in Cologne, and to go out for the cinema to watch the last Hobbit movie.
I really enjoyed wearing wine red, and a darker lolita coord these days, but the black old school JSK I've bought had to go a few weeks ago.
The socks and bag are still owned by me, and I want to create a new black coord with an other black dress made of chiffon, like the pretty ones by Sheglit.

With the Potter glasses I've bought at the exhibition ෆ⃛

This was my christmas present 2014 from my lovely dad. Just one of the best thing he have ever gave to me.
And I reply: IW bags are amazing.
And yes I love embroideries as much as embossed logos or frames (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾

Victorian Letter Jewelry Box - Angelic Pretty

This was a special novelty item by Angelic Pretty, they had released together with the 'Victorian Letter' series I really, really love in wine.
The print is golden and there are details from any side. 

I got a part of this set in black, wich I really wished, because I think some bittersweet stuff is great for smaller meet ups etc. 
I got the OTK's, the JSK, and the Headbow. At the Leipziger Buchmesse from the J-Store booth.

 Lovely glitter star buttons °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

With my Love in spring. Such a nice day together at the Hannover Hanami Event₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

I'm supper happy that my lovely SS got me this beauty. I LOVE this print so much! Sadly, I have worn it only once this summer. Shame on me *haha*
But there will follow a better coord and more passion for dreamy marine/sea themed things. 
The marine game was strong this year! I hope there will be more designs in the future (*˙︶˙*)☆*°
I also managed to get the matching head bow and the Dream Marine Crew Socks in white and pink too.
So lovely!

One of the best dresses of the year in my opinion. It's made of glittering chiffon and printed so perfect. I love the small stars, fish and bubbles on it.
I also managed to get the matching head bow wich is also so unique ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
I was able to pre-order it for late summer, and was super happy to get it in the end. 

Dream Marine Headbow - Angelic Pretty

First, I was afraid if this color would make myself older. But it's now my favourite blonde shade. Like a cold gold. Really elegant and cute (o˘◡˘o)

This wig was on my wish list for a long time. And this summer, Lockshop put it on sale with the information that they won't restock them again. I'm really happy to get one of the last wigs. 

After a long time, I bought new lolita shoes, and yes, I want more. And yes, golden shoes are awesome. 
These are very classy, but comfy and you can customize them simply with pretty shoe clips if you want.

Yes, I have bought some black ones too. I own some dark dresses and want even more. These are just looking like doll shoes ♡♡

One of my lolita dreams has come true. I really really LOVE the misty sky print, and the colorway, and the glittering ribbon at the front.
But I was sadly disappointed as it arrived ໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७
It's SO SHORT! And there is no inbuilt petticoat. It's looking like a short otome-kei dress without anything. It's even too short for my petticoat. 
I really need to get a proper pretty underskirt for it and I think also a new blouse, because the neckline is really deep too. 
But luckily I've finally got it. And it's a breezy summer dress wich is easy to wear.

The crazy thing is that the lavender color way of the socks is really different from the color way of the dress! It's not that blueish lavender, it's truly pinkish. Like the old lavender AP used a few years ago.
But they go well with the dress and with others. And I really love them anyway. It's such a dreamy design with the sliver glitter moon pattern ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

One of the most princessy pieces I own now. And yes, I want more baby dresses in the future. Even if AP is so tempting and dreamy and popular, Baby is an amazing brand and I love the fabrics they are using and the designs and colors (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Sweet Rose Wrist Cuffs - Angelic Pretty

I wanted some AP wrist cuffs with roses for so long. To be honest, I want more flowery stuff in total: dresses, socks, head bows, accessories etc. I like flowers so much! ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

I think that's it for now. I wish I would be able to spend more money on pretty stuff, but I can't atm. Of course I bought some more accessories and was even able to get two automatic honey pieces from their beautiful mermaid themed summer collection.

Maybe I will be able to post an entry month by month. Or are you also interested in shorter entries? 
Please write me your wishes.

Thank you so much for reading♡♡♡

Montag, 30. Juni 2014

~✩ʚThe Crystal Dream Carnival LOVEɞ✩~

I think, it's the dress we've all waited for. Or still waiting for?

Are you waiting for the headbow too, like me?
I've got the Tiered JSK like in the last second. I've written to my SS as soon as I knewn on wich date you could do a reservation. But she wasn't home and replied only a night before the reservation starts!!!
The fact were that she already has to buy the Crystal Dream Carnival for two other persons, and if you know the rules of AP's new releases, you know, that they're only selling two main pieces in total to one person only. She has to wait a second time at the release day, for buying the Tiered JSK for me.
I haven't expcet anything, of course not that she got the most wanted piece together with the headbow. I was so happy that morning as I saw her positive mail in my box ^_____^

I've written to her, that it doesn't matter with colorway she will get, as long as she will get the Tiered JSK version with the matching headbow. And now, I'm really, really happy to say, that I got it in pink. I really like it in that colorway, because the main part of the print is popping out of the dress on it. Of course I really like the navy and lavender version too. But I like pink anyway, and the did a good job on it I think.
Did you already recieved your dress? I decided to wait for the headbow, until my SS will ship it out.

 I can't wait to recieve mine, unpack it, touch it, iron it, try it on.
But well. I don't want to pay the shipping fee twice.

I was even able to get some other Crystal Dream Carnival Accessories... and still want some more, because I really love this series.

I really love the OTK design. But I'm sure that they won't fit, because of the subtile golden harlequin pattern. Pretty sure that they're a little to tight for my legs. u___u

But I will try my luck. I will have some other pink socks wich I can wear with the JSK. My socks-collection is really big in my eyes...

My wristcuffs addiction done it again. Well, it's wonderful to buy a 'complete set'. And I think I can wear these beauties with some of my other dresses, or future pieces too.
 Isn't this golden lace adorable?

Yes, I got the brooch in lavender. I wanted it so much in this colorway. Don't you think that would match perfectly because of the blueish main print at the bottom?
And of course I want to use it for other coords ^____^

The golden pegasus ring. I really love this simple, very cute design. Gold is my favourite colorway, of this design. And it's one of the few AP rings, who are adjustable. And wearable for other dresses and fashion styles.

Well, a thing I bought too, but isn't from this series or even something to wear:

The AP summer collection of the year. I'm excited to take a look in it, because it's my very first real catalogue from Angelic Pretty.
I would be just happy to have it. Even if I can't get any other piece or will know all the summer piece if I recieve it. 

There are even thing from the CDC series I still like to buy, like the matching bag in lavender, or the matching bonnet in pink... or the new Logo design ring and necklace from past saturday.
But well, I think I've spend enough money atm.
All the items from this series looking really sepecial and detailed. I think it's worth all the money. They put a lot of effort in everything.



The Imai Kira Card artwork. I really, really like it! She's always making the best illustrations♥♥♥


Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

.∗̥✩ʚMeltyWish @ the Dokomi 2014ɞ✩∗̥ .

Hello everyone after a long time!

I know that I missed blogging atm, and I really feel sorry, but... well, I'm pretty busy and working hard on... EVERYWTHING.
But well, I think the most important & interesting things I could blog about, are the conventions I'm visiting and working. I just love conventions, you too?
At the first weekend of June, 7.6.14 & 8.6.14 was the Dokomi! For me personally, it's always the most wonderful convention. I love the booths, the city Düsseldorf and all the japanese stuff.
This time, they even made a 'Fashion Area' at this con, and all pretty lolitas where at one place. So much beauty!!!

But well, let's start with the informations how I started into the convention:

I've worked very hard for this con, because I wanted to have the greatest stuff for all the lovelies who wanted to come. I've opened an Facebook Event and it exploded! All the invitations I've written were a number over 200, and in the end, there entered over 800 people! And I was chatting with many cuties I mostly see only once or twice a year, and they promised they want to come over too. You see, I was pretty excited.

I started my journey to Düsseldorf at the friday morning before. My usual night shift, I've done over night were.... pretty long... longer as usual. I've worked until 5.00 o'clock in the mornin and even thought about not going to sleep, but I've done it anyway, because we only need to took a train around lunch time.
Stand up three hours later for making me ready, eating breakfast & packing my luggage.
At the train station I've waited for my friend MoonDrops who was that friendly helping me the whole weekend♥
Thank you so much again♥♥♥

My newest Babies, Sweetie Violet JSK & Candy Treat Colorful Ribbon Special JSK are packed in♥ Ready for a pink weekend *hihi*
Our travel were very easy unless of a VERY VERY unfriendly & rude old man, who sat with us for only two stations <_____<'
Don't want to waste more words for any explaination about a man like this. So aweful!!!

We arrived at Düsseldorf a little later than planned, but with a good mood. Found our hotel easily and were surprised how good it was! We will definitely recommend Metropol Rooms & of course the awesome greek pastry shop! I was like in a culture heaven! In my home country, sleeping in greek rooms, sourrounded by greek specialities and people, next to the japanese part of the city, going to my favourite convention. It was so perfect! 

After bringing our trunks with the clothes etc. upstairs and refreshed ourself, we're going to the 'Congress Zentrum' where the convention were planned to build uo the MeltyWish booth. It was the very first time to me, to build the booth a day before the event starts. Everything were so easy to me! Such a calm working day. Exhausting, but very calm, with enough time to sleep.

I've took a photo of the finished booth with my mobile phone:

After leaving the building, we strolled around in the japanese street, searching for a jap. restaurant for dinner. Met my friends Maria from Caffecupcake & Momo from Sweet Ticket at the half way and talked aboud a half an hour ^___^
We decided to eat at the REALLY authentic restaurant TAKUMI. It was so delicious! We've eaten booth a different kind of donburi and I had Takoyaki as appetizer, Moony her very first Onigiri.
It was so hot that we were sitting outside after the sunset.

The next day, we stand up at around 5.00 o'clock and made us ready. I was wearing my dearest Sweetie Violet the first time, and  was sooooo happy with it! I love love LOVE this dress so much! And it's prefect for hot summer days!!! It's so light weight and airy... and I changed the place of the shoulder strap button, it's now 4cm longer than before and fits me even more perfectly ♥♥♥

♥Sweetie Violet Coord♥

Outfit Roundown:

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Orsay
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Wrist Cuffs: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Arpakasso Pouch Charm: Amuse
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accessories: MeltyWish, chocomint, Ribbonlicious, Angelic Pretty

Had breakfast @ Starbucks and than Moony and me went to the Convention about an hour before they opened the first day.

Here are some booth swatches. I've worked a LOT for this event:

Sorry for the over lighted photos... my camera had problems with the lightning and the dark background.

I've prepared many of my Rose Crowns because they were very popular at any event I was. And sold the very first horned ones!

The designs are called:

-> Unicorn Princess
-> Natsu No Yokai
-> Rosy Devil

All the horned Rose Crowns are nearly sold out.

Come to an other booth, I really liked!

Ergi by Piratessan

These are the both shopowners who came the long way from sweden to sell hier wonderful items♥
I shopped some accessoires and love every piece! And they offer everything for effortable prices and have a wonderful selection of Innocent World, Baroque, Lief, chocomint and more♥
I can dearly recommend thier online shop too. Fast & cheap shipping in europe!!!
(A review will come too)

Met many pretty girls, the Dokomi is a bit famous for Lolitas because the official German Lolita community Dunkelsüß is always there and is making a fashion show too. Every year I got asked for join the walk... but I just have too much to do for it... even if I'm mostly able to see the show.^__^'

This time, they choosed the topic 'Fairy Tale'. It was the best fashion show they made, I think ^___^
And inspirational too♥
I couldn't take good photos, because I was sitting in the middle... see?

But you can watch the Dünkelsüß Fashion Show on Youtube:

But you can watch the Dünkelsüß Fashion Show on Youtube:

Some cuties & beautiful customers:

And I met Sui again♥ She is so beautifuuuuuul♥

I talked to her and she choosed one of my MeltyWish chockers to make a review for me. She's such a very  friendly person. I also gave her one of the 'Tiny Galaxy' rings, too.
The review will be posted this sunday. Please have a look♥

After they closed the booth & activity parts of the Convention at around 8.00pm, Moony & me were very tired. The heat and well, the work exhausted us.
We went back to the streets near our hotel, and orderd some dinner at TAKUMI again to take away and eat everything in our hotel room.
Everything we wanted was to cover us in our pyjama's and eating at the bed. *haha*

I was like the same as at the morning before, we stand up around 30min. later, but well, we made us ready.
We were a little bit done from saturday, but I was also full of energy for the next convention part *hihi*

♥Candy Treat Coord♥

Outfit Roundown:

Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Lady Sloth
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Handbag: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accessoires: MeltyWish, 6%Dokidoki, chocomint

I was so happy to go out with my beloved new Melty  Moon bag for the first time♥

Cuties agaiiiiiiin:

Jasmin came over two days, and at sunday, she worn her 'Natsu No Yokai' headband she bought the day before.
So beautiful♥

At last:
I wanted to show you the booth of my sweet neighbors: Dunkelsüß♥

They had a kind of collaboration with Lorina Liddell a wonderful japan
ese shop full with beautiful brands who are difficult to get as an overseas customer. Please have a look at thier online shop. I bought a book pouch from Flapper. And love it!

My lovely Moony had to go at the afternoon to take her train home. She helped me a lot, I can really say, that I was pretty lucky with her. And had fun. Even if we had to fight against the heat and some other things. Miss you!!!!
A big THANK YOU and a lovely HUG♥

At the end, we packed together & back in the trunks. Said goodbye to so many cutiepies♥ But well, I hope I will see them again, and have fun together *__*♥

At the end, a group photo with my dearest friends Andrea & Mabu-Chan♥ I really love you and want to visit Köln again~
(And yes, we want to make a pink chocoberry tripple)

See you next time ♥

I will post a way more often again. I know, this were a very long blog break. I feel so sorry! And I even have some topics I want to write about... Please write me comments and maybe some suggestions for next entries?
And of course you can ask me anything you want on my ^___~