Stern Curser (Pink)

Montag, 10. September 2012

~ ☆† How to make an Irodohieru Artcard †☆~

I really have to say: I haven't kept many steps photographed.
But well... it was so much fun to create this card from one of my biggest (fashion) illustration muses:  
That I have to tell you about it.
                                               This is the first step I took with my iphone camera:

This is the first outline, and the first step I've every made after that: to color the skin color. Here I'm using COPIC markers. If I'm remember correctly, I've used the colors: Egg Shell & Milky White

After this, I'm using two light pink shades to make the skin a little more like 'alive'. I wasn't really safe wich colors I should took for her frilled top (my design). But I think purple, white, blue, and a few grey will be matching with her silver/white hair.
At this photo you can also see a part of my giant red Kipling COPIC pen case. I've a big collection of these markers... over 80 pics, I think XD But I need them all. Not everytime every color, but I need these to create different styles.

This is the finished coloration. It difficult to create the right silver shade of her hair... and in the end it's a way to dark I think... but it's a nice colorway.Now, as you can see, I'm working with COPIC Multiliners to make the finish second outline.

This is a picture I've made while I'm working on the second outline. It's special... normally I don't take photos while I'm working on a drawing step. *haha* But I've made a lunch break and so I've photographed how far I had come.
You can see how different the hair is looking without the second outline.

And here it is. After drinking starbucks coffe and talking to my friends in the academy (we're sitting mostly on the same table). Just a few little light effects are to do with a simple GEL Pen (from Japan of course).

Here are some closeups from this artcard:

                                                    Her upper body and the logo I've made~

                                The frilled tank top I've designed just for her. I hope she like this design... ♥

     The melting blue heart and a part of the decoration bottom stripes. I've made them a little vintage like.

Aaaaaaaaand finally a face closeup. I've first noticed at the end, that I've used a reference who's took with a mirror... so sorry for drawing her piercings at the wrong side ;___; I hate mistakes like that *buhu*

So this is how it cames out... An Irodevil artcard:

I'm sorry that I haven't scanned this cutie. But the computer rooms in our academy was full and I haven't enough time to do this. So no scanned end result for you. Sorry my dears.
But! I'll send a replicated card to her. So I'll made a scan. if someone is interested, I can send the digital card to you. ^_~

Greetings ♥


  1. Sieht richtig gut aus *o* ♥
    Toller Blog ~

    1. Awwwwwwww♥ Dankeschön♥ Ich gebe mein bestes und bin eigentlich ein PC noob. Saß lange hier dran, obwohl ich nur die Standarts rumprobiert habe XD Danke fürs followern♥

      P.S.: ich wer hier öfters Blogeinträge von meinen Arbeiten schreiben ^_~

  2. Das Bild sieht wirklich supy aus ♥
    du musst echt was aus deinem Talent machen ~
    die Wlet wird dich dafür lieben XD

    1. Was ;___; Ich... und... äh ah,... das von dir *kurz vorm heulen* Danke mein Bebischatz♥♥♥ Ich werde auch weiterhin für meine Illustrationswütigkeit kämpfen, versprochen~
      .....auch wenn ich selber nicht wirklich mit allem zufrieden bin.... ^___^°
      Ich liebe dich schrecklich♥ *3*