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Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

「静脈」 Ryuutarou Fanwork - Mixed Media Fanart

I've told some guys that my next entry will be wrote about some artwork from me... so here it is.
This is an drawing with mixed media material. That means: different materials in one thing. 
I'm really satisfied with this one, and that does not happen often. ^__^°
Please understand that I'm always very critical with myself. 

I'll show you all the steps I've photographed until the finished and scanned endproduct♥

My work have started with an article in the japanese fashionmagazine KERA, who I really love and get every single month. 
There was a photo from my favourite band Plastic Tree on the first position at thier KERA CULTURE HUNTING: 

Well I was very happy about this, because this first position was with thier wonderful SINGLE 「静脈」(Joumyaku).
I really LOVE this styling from thier singer Ryuutarou Arimura. So I've tought I should try it annother one more to draw him. This photo was the reference for my first sketch...

So here is the photo from the filtered, simple, first sketch with my pencil.
After this, I was a little experimental with watercolour colourpencils and copic fineliners~

I was working gross with the bigger copic marker side and ... well this was a long way to this from the sketch above, but that is the only one after the sketch I have ^__^° Please forgive me~
There is processed some golden watercolour from Windsor&Newton and some watercolour pencils, I've bought in vienna. 
This artwork is gone through a long procedure, at first I just only wanted to draw Ryuuto in black and white. But... it's gone very costly the more I get closer to the end.
This is very near to the end. Here I've draw more softer pencil shadow above the dried colour and put some white gel pen for reflects. Here you can see this melting petroleum blue. Who the Joumyaku fish is coloured... I know it's not exactly THIS colour. But what should I have done? I had only the official video at my Plastic Tree app and this commercial photo in my KERA as refereces.
Here is the fresh photographed fanwork after finishing it:

The critical eye is watching it. *haha*
Well, the white/gold jellyfish is the last what I've added to it. The space was so free and this a Plastic Tree themed thing.. for the ones who don't knew it: Thier official fanclub is called Jelly Fish Breed 
The colour of this jelly fish and the shape is only taken from my fantasy. No reference or something.
For you, a special filtered closeup:
This is taken before makeing the finish steps.... but who cares? I really like the filter colourway. And the Joumyaku is looking like it's smiling~

The scanned and pure result is this:
The scanner have lightened it up a lot... mixed media art is not very compfortable with this. Because there aren't tools for every single material you have worked with it.
The very best would be the real original, FOREVER. I really hate photoshop. All who's really called ART is disappering because of this, and I can't understand it... what is this f*cking programm against real colour and light reflects? Right, NOTHIG.
But okay, it turns out better as I've expect it. I hope that someone is here who likes it. I'm open for comments and other criticism~

Hope to see you in my next entry too♥
Much LOVE to all of you~


  1. uhaaa! it looks very good!
    you are so talented!
    I want to see more ! :D
    uha! Could it be possible that you'll draw ruki someday?? *__ *

    1. Thank you so much♥ I really want to fill a whole real wall, only with fanworks from musician I love and inspiring me.. or an artbook.
      So it's seriusly possible to make an GazettE artwork with Ruki someday ^_~

  2. I love this drawing so much ♥♥ :3 I can't say it often enough:
    You're so talented ^o^
    And your blog looks really great. I love the background and connect your blog with the Instagram Gallery was a good idea, too :)

    Looking forward to your next entry ♥♥

    1. Thank you so much♥
      But it's like always: You are too kind to me ^__^'
      I hope I can work for all this more as now in the moment. But for that what I've done, my blog is become a nice kind.
      *haha* You know I really like instagram. So I have to put a Gallerybox in my blog~~
      Even that I don't wrote a new post, my gallery is daily uploaded ^_~
      We'll see what I'm writing next♥

  3. I like this picture ~
    you are sooooo talented ♥

    1. Thanks you so much~ It's my first fanwork, I'm satisfied with♥ Ryuuto's expression is so difficould D: