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Sonntag, 16. September 2012

Where I'm Shopping In Germany

I really love this word 'shopping'. I don't like to lost money, but all the clothes, accessories and others are beloved by myself, not by my coincase. XD

Some of my friends and readers have asked me if I could write an entry how about I'm shopping, where and what. So here is the first part:

- Shopping in Germany

It was summer, and I had summerholidays. So I was visiting some cities to shop in their shops. In the SPECIAL shops, who are only there. The most important places for shopping where Hamburg and Wolfsburg. There I've got MONKI clothes and some rockabilly stuff.. well it was a rockabilly shop but I've bought creepy cute stuff and something for my beloved lolitastyle.

So there we have MONKI <- Onlineshop

I don't have many stuff from this brand, but I really have to say, I love this simple designs, and super fabric. Some stuff is really expensive but I swear, they are worth their money.♥ I really love to wear this for angura inspired streetfashion.

This year I've bought something from their summer sale. Socks for 6€, A chiffonskirt for 10€, a Shirt for 15€ and
a phonecase in a unbelievable pink colour for also 6€.

The shop in Germany is located in Hamburg. It's a beautiful city. And this shop is really great. I wasn't in a more interesting looking shop here in Germany.

The next shop is MIK Funshopping. They've had a great store in Wolfsburg. But now they are cucking out all thier clothes and Shoes. So they've made a final reduction. I've got all the stuff more than 50% reduced. Sometimes for 75% less from the official prices. So I've bough many expensive stuff high reduced.

Living Dead Souls Blouse 12€

Demonia Mary Janes for 10€

Demonia Pinkpaint Creepers for 12,50€

Kreepsville Eyeball Bows Hairclips for 6,99€ for each pair.

This is a great shop. Even if they'll not selling clothes in their official store anymore, you have a huge selection in their Onlineshop ♥

So there is a shop, I think many of you knows: Claire's I really like their socks, tights, hairgoods and some of their bags and gloves.

Claire's Battights from thier halloween collection. About 9€

Bought this in summer sale ^__^ How I've said: Hairgoods and tights.

There is annother accessory shop I really like. It's Accessorize I had the pleasure to visit the Flagstore in Vienna. There i've bought something from their Monsoon fashionline. I love them all.

Some supercute socks I've bought in the summer sale this year.
I've paid arround 2€ for them.

This is a part I've bought at Accessorize in our local shop in Hanover. I've paid under 10€ for all.
There are:

-2 pairs of dotted kneesocks
-a pair of elastic pastel beangles
-a long simple heart necklace with blue chain
-and the sneaker socks with dots and flowers

A VERY long pearl necklace for classy outfits and lolita.
A flower headpiece who I really love♥ They have the best synthetic flowers who you can get here in europe. I've never saw better ones.

There is a Sanrio shop in Hamburg and Hanover. The one in Hanover will be closed the next time. So I've bought a new Kuromi schoolbag there, for 50% less of the regular price.

A reduced coincase from my favourite Sanrio character: Kuromi. It's with glitter. ♥ I've paid only 2€ for it.

One of my favourite shops are ONE GREEN ELEPHANT. I'm only buyinng clothes there, if they've sale. The clothes have a high quality and a good design. It's a japanese brand with many printed stuff. The most printdesigns are with supercute chibi's ♥

A closeup from one of my favourite tops. I don't know about an official onlineshop. But here you can get it too:

I'm lucky to say: I have three stores in my homecity Hanover♥

Annother shop with good stuff is NeoTokyo ~
I have to warn you: The Onlineshop service isn't the best. But the stuff is good. And you can call the shop if you have problems, the employees are very friendly.
You can vistit their shops in Berlin and Muinch.

I'm buying Punkgirl stuff from japanese brands like:
-SeX PoT ReVeNGe
-Romantic Neurosis
-h. Naoto
-Hangry And Angry

They also have Lolitabrands:
-Angelic Pretty
-Jessicas Wonderland

I'm also buying some stuff at PRIMARK. They have good basic clothes and sometimes T-Shirts with prints from Hello Kitty, Disney and some more. I love the childrenfloor for thier bags:

A spacedog plushbag... or whatever it is.

A supercute strawberry cioncase. I really LOVE this for my Bodyline strawberry shaped shoulderbag for lolita. I can easy clip it on the buckle of the shoulder strap.

The last shop I'm taking a look in, is NewYorker
There are some designs I love to combine. I have to search for some special things, yes, but I find some!

This is one of the last get from the shop in my local hometown. I even got some black and white striped leggins and some star printed ones. ♥
The nebula T-Shirt you can see here is from NY too~

For the end: I've made a snap from one of my latest outfits. ♥

Yessica (C&A)
New Yorker
Engineer Boots:
Graceland (Deichmann)

I shouldn't forget that I'm sometimes shopping at H&M and buying T-shirts or sweaters from merchendise of musicians and band I like♥
Some of my clothes I find on German second hand sites like Kleiderkreisel or the flearmarket of the official German Lolitacommunity Dunkelsüß ♥

Greetings and much love to all of you♥♥♥

P.S.: I hope I've could help some of you ^_~

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