Stern Curser (Pink)

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

~*☆Lolitareview: The Shooting Star JSK by Angelic Pretty☆*~

Some time is ago since I've got this precious one. It's definetly one of my dream dresses. I couldn't resist. And I think, that I'm in the end very lucky with it. I know now that my dad thinks that I love lolita, because he knows how much love, passion, inspiration and money I spend in it.
But last but not least, let's beginn:

This is not one of their official, hyped design series. But that's the clue for me. It was the last one in the AP shop. Of course in the colourway I wanted. It takes around two~three weeks to take the decision to buy it. 
And I regret nothing. It's perfect. I'm into chiffon fabric. the best for me, for ever. 
Our customs have need a long time and I've got it after around a month after all. And the package was looking veeery damaged. But everything was okay. It wasn't a hole in it.

After packing out it wasn't necessary with iron it, because of the fabric. All was right after it wearable. 
Now, my own pictures:


Sorry for the bad quality, it was very difficult to take them. The light was super suboptimal >__<
All of them are taken without a petticoat underneath. As you maybe know, AP is manufracturing their dresses with a in build petticoat. This is my very first chiffon AP dress. So I was a little surprised to see that this dress isn't made of tulle! It's an soft and strong organdy petti. 

The inbuild Petticoat:
Forgive me, for the piece of my door in the corner.... I was unlucky.

Some lovely Details:

They're very simple and elegant♥

The front bow:

The back shirring:

My beloved lace swatches:

Of course this cutie is shipped with a Angelic Pretty plastic bag and a sticker, as always. 

Last but not least, the dress worn:

After all, I have really much fun with this lovely dress. It's so perfect how I've said. It's easy to make coords with parts of my normal streetfashion closet too. The colours pink and black are good for everything. The best dress I have.

Thank you for reading. 
Much LOVE to all of you♥


  1. Antworten
    1. Yes it is♥ The only one who would be better is the Dream Sky in black♥

  2. omg! this is super pretty!!
    I would buy it too (*____*)
    it looks sooooo good!it fits you very well ;) <3
    beautiful girl! <3

    1. *ahaha* Thank you so much♥ You're always so kind to me♥♥♥
      I think it would suits you too. It's really a wonderful piece. This is maybe a dress I wouldn't give away, even if I would stop wearing lolita anytime... but I think this is a too big passion for me XDD
      In the english AP shop you can still get it. ^__~