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Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

~☆ The Florence + the Machine CEREMONIALS Tour 2012 ☆~

It's a while ago, it was some days before the St. Nicholas day, that I'm traveled to Berlin with my parents.
It was our St. Nicholas present from my dad for us all, that we spend a weekend (two days) in Berlin to watch the CEREMONIALS concert from Florence + the Machine.
And yes I know, my dad is the very very veeeeery BEST♥♥♥
First we was at the christmas market on the Alexander Platz. After eating there something for dinner and having a coffee, we went to the ARENA in Berlin Treptow.
As we're arrived at the hall, we saw the people waiting the whole street long... well... we'er gone one street more and coming out to the entrance. And we've wainted there XP
It was already dark outside, but no rain and no snow. Around us where many people and they're getting more and more.
As we could come in, the people are screaming and were very happy. A man behind me have jumped up and down while he was crying after he was through the security.
The hall was very big, but only one platform.
Before Florence was started, there was a good Pre-Band before. The name of it was SPECTRA, a band with 5 boys, not with two guitarrists, with two BASSISTS oh YES♥
And than, the Florence + the Machine band came up to the stage after the techinic were ready for them.
She starts with 'Only If For A Night'.
This women is so for with loads of energy, I can't describe it. I like to listen to her special voice, the the wonderful lyrics and the the sphere she's taking me. But I never thought that she is dancing and jumping sooooo damn much!!!! It wasn't easy to get clear sharp photos, but some are lucky shots...and well, the stage was brilliant for her Ceremonial theme too♥

And btw. around me were so many people from different countries, that was new for me. behind me was french, near to me greek on the left two from the slovakia, more than five people dircetly from London... and more.
That definetly means to me, that Florence is speaking every language, the language for all our minds♥
The Stage

She's with her lyrics all the time. You can't imagine how much energy she have if you see these photos. She was like a energy-ball. Jumping to every corner of the stage performing everything like a celebration.

These pictures are taken as she was singing my favourite song from her 'Cosmic Love'. Do you see the stars in the background?

She is so full with emotion and joy.

We're coming to the end. The Encore is coming.

She's saying thank you to the audiance, because it wasn't usual for her to full fill this kind of an arena wich was totally sold out.
She was some minutes behind the stage, and was back very fast. Some fans giving her a german flag with daisies... you'll see what's wrote on it.


She have giving us three full and long encores. Wonderful. The last song was 'The Dog Days Are Over'♥
The stage was looking like this at the encore song 'Spectrum'♥
 Last song, last minutes... it was beautiful awesometastic♥
Thank you Florence + the Machine, it was an experiance I will never forget, never ever. Please don't stop making this kind of awesome music.

Thank you for reading,

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