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Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

~☆ Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Favourite Lolita Dress ☆~

Okay dears, this is also a topic for me ^___^ I mean, okay, I'll make a different way, the best dress I already have, my favourite dress in total, and my favourite print dress.
I make these differences, because I can't say, that I love only this or this the most, I love so much designs in Lolita that this isn't possible. And please forgive me, that I haven't much new photos for you. But I can't made some, if I haven't it here.
Let's start with my favourite dress I have, okay?
It's a simple dress in the most usual colourway, I wear.

The 'Shooting Star' JSK by Angelic Pretty:
It was also at the KERA this year, yes in this colourway.

The measurements are like it would suits really everyone. So it's cozy, cute, elegant, with STARS, made of my favourite fabric chiffon, and in the best colours for me.
I've wrote a review about it with many photos and all, please look here
Here is a worn picture from this autumn:
With my darling LadyJuice
I know that this isn't a sharp photo, but I still like it.

Now let's come to the favourite, the best dress for me. 
It's a similar one as my shootoing star, a chiffon dress, but please the OP, and I want it in black, in lavender and navy... even if I think the navy OP would be the most beautiful.

It's the 'Dream Sky' OP by Angelic Pretty:


The printdesign at last♥

I just think that this design is cute & elegant, and it's designed with my favourite theme for lolita: Sky. This dress would be so perfect with everything. I really, really LOVE it♥

My favourite print design is Angelic Pretty's very popular Milky Planet:
And what should I say... yes, my favourite dress, from the Milky Planet isn't the normal OP or the normal JSK, no. I want the special JSK Set design with the valetta... and I'm really not sure if I would have this one day... it's pretty seldom.
So, if anyone have this, or the the 'Dream Sky' please write to me. I'm searching after them until I have it.

Do you see this awesome design??? It's just brilliant♥ And what should I say, the print is even decorated with some glitter♥ PERFECT♥♥♥

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Your LizJuice♥

Thank you for reading and I wish you a wonderful third advent weekend. My christmas entries will follow soon ^__~


  1. The measurements are like it would suits really everyone. So it's cozy, cute, elegant, with STARS, made of my favourite fabric chiffon, and in the best colours for me.

    THIS, JUST THIS!! It's why I love that dress, too *.* I hope to have it in the same colorway you have and in black with blue stars <3

    I would say we have many tastes in common ;) I also love Milky Planet (but I want it in black, I can't wear anything with an AP print that is not in black OR has a large amount of black on it >_< like, for example, I have the Fantastic Dolly in red) and Dream Sky (I would like the JSK in lavender and the skirt in navy :P because I'd make a super-casual outfit with a Nyan Nyan Cat t-shirt XDDDD!!! Like the one it was featured in a old secret, LOL! I swear it wasn't me U_U some girl had my exact thought about that outfit! :D)

    1. *haha* sounds wonderful ^__^
      Dresses with star or sky themes are just my favourite. I also like the Shooting Star JSK in black x blue. But I prefer it with pink ♥
      Because I think this is the best way for my style.
      I love the Milky Planet in black and in lavender. But this special of this is my favourite.♥
      I love the Fantastic Dolly in Black, Pink and Lavender too^__^
      The idea with the casual nyan cat Lolita is very cute. I want to see it~

  2. I love that first dress on you especially with your hair like that! I also think the two dresses you like seem to fit your taste perfectly. I hope you can find them some day. <3 jO

    1. Thank you very much♥ I have thought that this dress will fit my hairstyle, and it seems like it does :3
      Thank you again, this is my biggest Lolita-wish. I mean, okay, I have many dresses on my wishlist, but these are my dream.
      Thank you for the comment♥

  3. you look so beautiful ^____^ I followed u ^^