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Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

~*☆Lolitareview: The Shooting Star JSK by Angelic Pretty☆*~

Some time is ago since I've got this precious one. It's definetly one of my dream dresses. I couldn't resist. And I think, that I'm in the end very lucky with it. I know now that my dad thinks that I love lolita, because he knows how much love, passion, inspiration and money I spend in it.
But last but not least, let's beginn:

This is not one of their official, hyped design series. But that's the clue for me. It was the last one in the AP shop. Of course in the colourway I wanted. It takes around two~three weeks to take the decision to buy it. 
And I regret nothing. It's perfect. I'm into chiffon fabric. the best for me, for ever. 
Our customs have need a long time and I've got it after around a month after all. And the package was looking veeery damaged. But everything was okay. It wasn't a hole in it.

After packing out it wasn't necessary with iron it, because of the fabric. All was right after it wearable. 
Now, my own pictures:


Sorry for the bad quality, it was very difficult to take them. The light was super suboptimal >__<
All of them are taken without a petticoat underneath. As you maybe know, AP is manufracturing their dresses with a in build petticoat. This is my very first chiffon AP dress. So I was a little surprised to see that this dress isn't made of tulle! It's an soft and strong organdy petti. 

The inbuild Petticoat:
Forgive me, for the piece of my door in the corner.... I was unlucky.

Some lovely Details:

They're very simple and elegant♥

The front bow:

The back shirring:

My beloved lace swatches:

Of course this cutie is shipped with a Angelic Pretty plastic bag and a sticker, as always. 

Last but not least, the dress worn:

After all, I have really much fun with this lovely dress. It's so perfect how I've said. It's easy to make coords with parts of my normal streetfashion closet too. The colours pink and black are good for everything. The best dress I have.

Thank you for reading. 
Much LOVE to all of you♥

Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

~ ☆♡ A Lolita Sunday Afternoon - Take A Trip Into My Small Wandrobe♡☆ ~

Hey dears~
I'me promised some of you to make this post and well. I really want to write this. Because I'm into Lolitafashion and of course of all the stuff I have for this. I know my Wandrobe isn't really big, but I love every single little piece. ♥♥♥
The super cute _Chiisai_ have visited me at home. She's new into Lolita, and I help her how I can. I even had helped on her first pieces she have ordered now. ♥ It makes me so pleased to hear that she's calling me 'Lolita Sempai' (Big Sister)♥♥♥
So, let's take a look. I've showed her all my lolitastuff I have and even gave her something to try on~

This is the closetside who's filled with Lolitastuff. The super elegant black JSK on the sewing doll is arrived this morning. My first Alice And The Pirates dress. With this one, I have a one from every indie lolita brand I love the most ♥
I'll made a review with lace swatches and all about it. It's the 'Chest Ribbon Angel' JSK.
So here are some shots:

Here are skirts, Blouses, JSK's and an OP I have a weak for superkawaii AND black elegance (and PUNK). ^__^
My favourite prints are Constellation or Merry Go Round. But I also like fairytales and Sweets. Well Punk, is a important part of my closet. No matter wich.
The print swatches from the dresses we've worn at that day:

I've gave her my most comfy JSK, the Chocoberry from Bodyline. This 'strawberrypink' is the perfect colour for her, I think♥

This is the super cute and friendly girl who have visited me... we haven't much time. But it was a good afternoon. Mostly the best moments are the shortest ^__^°

Outfit Roundown:
Headbow: Strawberry Parlour - Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Shirring Blouse - Bodyline
JSK: Chocoberry - Bodyline
OTK: Dream Star - Angelic Pretty

The next I've gave to her was my first Angelic Pretty dress. The Magic Whip
she really wanted to try it and I can understand that. And the direct comparison is always good.

I think this pastelpink x pastelyellow was a good idea. It suits her perfectly. Please ignore this suboptimal light from outside... I'm sorry.

Outfit Roundown:
Headbow: Logobow - Baby The Stars Shine Bright
OP: Magic Whip - Angelic Pretty
OTK: Dream Star - Angelic Pretty

I've worn my newest cutie, the 'Shooting Star' JSK from Angelic Pretty. I'm so damn happy with it♥♥♥ I can't believe that I really have one of their chiffon dresses with a star print! It's one of my dreamdresses.

Outfit Roundown:
Bow: Dreamy Horoscope - Angelic Pretty
Catears: Halloweengoods 2010~2011 - Claire's
Blouse: Chinese Shop
JSK: Shooting Star - Angelic Pretty
Tights: Primark
Shoes: RHS - Secret Shop
Wrist Cuffs: Drops Cuffs - Angelic Pretty
Star Brooch: Shooting Star 2way Clip - chocomint

Btw.: I just wanted to show you my both favourite Bodyline thingies: The Merry Go Round. I have a pastel lavender JSK and a black skirt from the same series. You can only get the Skirt now. The JSK is sold out.

Sooo~ Let's take a look into my other extra sorted Lolita stuff:
The Bows:

I have a lot of accessories I think.. and I can't stop. I even wear the valettas and 2 way clips for alldays. I'm a real accessory addict♥
Here we have the Bodyline Merry Go Round bow at the top. These are an Angelic Pretty bow, a Baby The Stars Shine Bright, an chocomint bow, an Milky Planet Replica bow.. and some more.

 At the top of this photo you can also see the 6%Dokidoki bow clip and my beloved Dreamy Horoscope Valetta from Angelic Pretty ♥

Some more bows as brooches, hairgoods and 2 way clips. From chocomint, Ribbon Holic, Claire's Strawberry Skies & more♥

Some of my indie brand jewelry from Japan. I mostly wear jewelry from my own indie label. But other jewelry is also very adorable to me. Especially the jewelry from Angelic Pretty and chocmint♥
Here we even have MARBLE~

Let's come to the bags:

I don't have much. And I forget my plushbags to photograph too. But they're all wonderful.

There are bags who were lucky findings at claire's and Accessorize and also Bodyline tote's an fabric bags. My personal favourite is my 'Twinkle Star' shoulder bag replica from Angelic Pretty by Loris.

Now we have the socks:

I'm very proud of my brand socks. Because I love socks very much. Especially kneesocks. They're very important for lot's of my styles.
There we have Baby The Stars Shine Bright Logo socks, stacked Angelic Pretty Socks and muuuuch Bodyline socks.

I also have some off brand socks and school girl loose socks.

So... I have to confess, I haven't took a photo of my lolita shoe collection.. sorry dears. But I was a little lucky, I've made a photo with my mobile phone a while ago.
Here it is, all cuties are there:

There are three Bodyline shoes, three Secret Shop replica shoes, two Demonia platform Mary Janes & one original pair of Angelic Pretty Tea Parties.♥ Sorry that you can't see the boots, I also use some of  them for Lolita in winter.

That's it~ This is my beloved Lolita closet. I hope you've enjoyed it.

The afternoon itself was very wonderful with her. We've took a walk through our autumn garden and spoke a lot about people, life and fashion.  She have even taken a look into the artist attellier from my mother and I'm glad that she liked her visit in my little world in this old house.
Thank you dear♥

The next entry would be annother review. Please have a look.

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

~♡ Sweet Sweet Autumn Collections - Sugared Cookiebear ♡~

Here is my second autumn collection for the year 2012♥ The:
'Sugared Cookiebear' collection is out in our MeltyWish Onlineshop and I want to introduce these cuties with some more 'Making Of' photos.

As you maybe know, these collection is a little inspired by Angelic Pretty's new design 'Sweet Cream House':

I know, this design is full with gingerbread mans.. but there are cute cookies too. And well. I love to work with this fake powdered sugar. This design was the last point I need to start with my design. I think it turned out very cute & elegant. Matching with many chocolate prints from more than only one Lolita brand~
Here we are. I've made two colourway designs. One in silver and one in brass gold. It's slightly different but I have to say: I love both. I'm a fangirl from both ^____^

Btw.: I'm very interested in, wich of them you like the most: SILVER or BRASS GOLD Please let me know♥

The Necklaces: 

The Bracelets:
The Rings:

The Earrings: 

Who smiles the most? ^______________^
I think cute bears are the best for autumn. I wish I would have a giant yummy looking cuddly bear for me alone at the sofa in the night with a cup of hot cocoa♥

So, and how I promised it, I'll post here some kind of 'Making Of' pictures I've took after the basic modelling:

The super sorted photo ^__^ It's taken after putting on the pearl beads.
 A really near swatch photo for you ^__^So you can see this white powder on top the best.

My super full working desk with all i've need. Do you see: glue, varnish, pearls and chain?

After finishing the necklaces, they've putted in a safe place. 
Maybe this is good to know:
Even I is making mistakes: The hole I've took was too small. This poor cookie has go to the rubbish ;____; 
I made Sweets Deco around three years now.. and I'm not perfect at all ^__^° Making hand made stuff is always bound with some risk. I have to try out many different stuff for modelling and everything else. Something I don't know before. But be sure, before it comes to your hands, I'm testing all out. The end product we're selling is made to wear, not to broke or lost ^__~

P.S.: Don't forget to look here after my 'Creepy Cute' accessories I've made for Halloween. I'll made a introduction about them in the following days, after I've photographed them ~*☆☆☆*~

Greetings & much LOVE♥♥♥