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Montag, 21. Januar 2013

~☆A Magical Visit In Our Local LUSH Hannover Store☆~

It's some weeks ago that I have visited this store to take these pictures and I really have to say, it was big fun♥ I love our local LUSH staff/employees, they are crazy, cute and super friendly.
So, I wanted to give you a little walk trough, with the most beautiful stuff they are selling. I also know many different products from LUSH and I love all I've tested out and use.
I will write a review about some special stuff soon ^___~

Angel's Delight

This is a wonderful body soap with a perfect smell and glitter in it. It's my personal favourite♥

Snowcake is a body soap for dry & stressed skin. With a wonderful smell made with almonds & marzipan.

 A wonderful soap who's no longer available because it was a special winter edition. The smell was so damn great and fruity♥

Shimmy Shimmy
Shimmy is a super duper glitter thingie, all is glittering if you use it. Like a fairy♥

Soft Coeur
A massage butter with honey-chocolate and a heart made of real cocoa♥

Magic Wand & Bubble Beard

These cuties are for more than only one bath and they made a super bubble bath for you♥

Make your own white shimmer beard ^___^~

Candy Mountain
A wonderful bubble bath, with a super sweet smell. 

A bubble bar with lavender, thyme & rosemary. Very lovely~

This is a soap, I love because of the smell and the colours isn't like that on my photos, it's a glowing colour like neon light. It's made with lime oil and cupressus.

This is a bubble bath with a lot of golden glitter and a smell after wild orange oil and lemon.
I'll try this out next time.

These thingies are featured bathing fun with soapy party surprises inside♥ Aren't these colours awesome?

I think this is LUSH's most beautiful bath ballistic. It's pink outside and blue inside, with ylang ylang and lavender.

This is a wonderful bathing fun withmuch glitter, cinnamon, cocoa butter, almond & bergamia♥

A massage butter bar with a golden shine, jasmin, cocoa butter, vanilla good to use after a stressful day.

 LUSH have also created a colourful make up line, with creamy eyeshadow, liquid eyliner and lip colour. All is very high pigmented and there are also very high shining colours. 

These colourful thingies are FUN, LUSH's washing knead,  it has a very soft consistence and a wonderful smell by every colour (always fruity).They have gave to me a piece of every colour to try it out and write a review. I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to write it down. 
ALL what I got from LUSH is just awesome. Wonderful great stuff for my whole body, with special features and great smells. My FUN review will follow this weekend. Just have a look on their products and have fun with them, they worth every cent you can spend. I will also made reviews about some other stuff of them, be excited what it will be ^__~

Thank you for reading♥


  1. wow *___* the colours are sooo beautiful~ very good photos ^___~

    1. Thank you my darling♥ It was so much fun there~