Stern Curser (Pink)

Dienstag, 2. April 2013

~*☆ Ice Pastels ☆*~

Hey dears~
My darling LadyJuice have visited me a while ago, and we was able to make a little photoshoot outside *yay* .... if you don't know it, it's still really, really cold here in Germany. But we wanted to use the little snow and ice outside for the effect.
Of course we don't just have done this short shoot and said goodbye to each other, but the rest we have done is a little boring for you (maybe except of the little i-shopping). We have talked about our daily life, what we are planing for ourselves this year and some more. Have watched the anime 'Summer Wars' and the last MIB movie.

But let's go, showing you my personal favourite photos, of course no photoshoot, just nature and make up:

Isn't she beautiful? I really like her in this wonderful Carousel OTT outfit, I have borrowed her ♥
And btw. this is the new wig I bought at the LBM~ I will wear it next time too^____~

Thankies for reading♥