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Dienstag, 27. August 2013

~✧✩☾ ➀Blog Anniversary Giveaway ☽✩✧~

Hey dears~
Do you know what happened? Past sunday, the August was the 1. birthday of my blog! Thanks to all of you my dears for reading, following & commenting of course♥ I love you all ~
I made a post at my Facebook & Twitter that I would like to do a little giveaway, and I got so many positive answears♥


• A new Tokidoki T-Shirt in black x white (actually I bought it for myself, but it's never worn)
• The original artcard 'The Influence Of Love' designed and made by me
• The very popular 'White Chocolate Love' necklace by MeltyWish
• A japanese stickers sheet

The shirt is size M and the fabric is pretty strechy, it will surely fit an L too ^__~

The V-cut is on the back :D


This drawing is made with flouridecent water colours by Winsor&Newton and Copic Liners.
I wanted to show that we are all dreaming of love for our lonely heart. Because sometimes we meet an other and never let go.


Here we have one of our MeltyWish best sellers:
The white, slightly glittering chocolate with strawberry cream on top.
I made a super lightweight design with this special necklace, what is pretty easy to wear. We call it My Darling Necklace, because of the comfy feeling.


 I really love japanese stickers. They are always the cutest and these are with hologram glitter. I bought them directly in a japanese market in Düsseldorf.


1. You must like our MeltyWish FB page
2. You must follow my blog
3. You need to make a post on your blog or facebook with the first photo with all prices you can win and a link to my blog. (if you post on both pages I will count it as twice, that gives you a double chance to win)
4. You need to comment why you like my blog on your post (fb or blog)
5. You MUST comment under this entry, that you have ENTERED and MUST include the links to your facebook profile or your blog
-If you don't give me the links, can't choose or contact you-

6. If you don't have a facebook account, you have to leave an e-mail adress in your comment under this post for the contact if you have won.


 ~ I will choose 1 winner via


29.10.2013   00:00   (UTC+1:00)

Thanks again to all of you♥ Have fun~


Montag, 26. August 2013

~♫♪♬ Meet With Friends & New Hair Colour ♬♪♫~

Hey cuties ~
Last wednesday I met two of my friends in Hanover, Julia & Robin. I missed it so much to go to the city for just having fun or met someone.
Anyway, First of all, I passed my f*cking (fake) exams at this super horrible place I was. And the sunday before, I wanted to dye my hair agian. But this time, a way darker, juicy as my usual pink. It should be more like purple~syrup.
It comes out a way darker as I have expected, but I really like it. I made a comparision photo, let's have a look:

My outfit from wednesday:

I really missed wearing my self made T-Shirt dress♥ So comfy~

I was a way earlier there because I wanted some time for my own. So I sat down on Starbucks, drunk a coffee & a Refresha while I was writing to one of my lovely penpals♥
After about two hours, my friends arrived and  we talked about my awkward weirdo 'academy' and the summer.
My dearest Julia was in Poland, and gave me a souvinier:

A lovely cup with hand painted pansies♥
Thank you~ Even my mum likes it^___^

I have givin her some MeltyWish stuff, and she had brought my stuff from our Shoppingholics group order♥
It's a while ago, but we wasn't able to meet us before ;^;
Here it is:

Actually I have only bought one pair of lenses and the lashes. But they gave us so many gifts, even a pair of free GEO lenses!!!
•Toyoepin Lashes
•Osmei Magic Eye Mask
•Frog Lenscase
•Vassen Color Lenses in black
•GEO X tra WT-B81


I tried out simple black lenses who fade into my green eyes and I really like it, so I need new ones and choose these~
Diametre is 0.15


It's a while ago where I own a pair of purple lenses, and they were smaller than these and with an golden inner, not black as these.
But I will try them out and since my old purple lenses suit me perfectly, I give them a chance.
Diametre: 0.15

After we all had a coffee and talked enough, I have send my letter out and we went to COMIX .... and I couldn't resist anymore to buy the Summer GLB.... no regrets because stunning photos, tutorials and the best: IMAI KIRA stickers *____*
I love her art so, so bad. She's one of the greatest illustrators for me♥


One more Imai♥
It's from an comparision part of it, where you can see illustrations and the real outfit.
This makes clear: I really, really need to buy her newest artbook ;;;^;;;

Thanks for reading♥ I hope I will see u soon~

P.S.: I noticed that my blog had 1 year anniversary yesterday *yaay* at my Twitter and Facebook I posted that I want to celebrate it a bit. So~~~~ I asked for a giveaway, and I got so many 'yes please' 'you must do that' comments back~ I'm planning what I will put in it for you now ^__~


Dienstag, 20. August 2013

~*๑ Two wonderful things are driving me crazy ๑*~

Before it was getting so hot outside, I was wearing two things really constandly.
I just wanted to show you what I mean, I tried to combine it to... everything.
Of course I mean the baby pink rose headband I made by myself and the pastel pink creepers by Demonia, it's like the top and the bottom of myself are topped with the same colour *haha* I'm a living sandwich.

So here we are with my outfit photos of late spring and early summer:

It's a really comfy headband. I love it because of the colour and the roses. I really need more than one headband... I even want to make one with antlers.

 I even decorated my creepers with these little crystal shoe clips.


 With my oversize Florence + the Machine tour shirt♥

With my Banana Fish half sleeve top.

For the end:
I finally found my dream wallet. It's from san-x with a design of Sentimental Circus what is even made with glittering gold details and stuff♥

Interesting how many different shades of mypink hair dye is changing over the weeks :D

Wich of my outfits is your favourite? What's your current addiction?

P.S.: As you maybe know, I have made an account now. It's also liked in my sidebar under 'Personal Links'. Feel free to ask me anything you want. I will always answear^__~

Samstag, 17. August 2013

~♡My Tofu Cute Order And Review♡~

Hello my dears~
This summer I wanted to order at Tofu Cute for my first time.

It's a really cute looking webshop what is based in the UK in Hampshire with assorted offers like asian sweets, stationary, purses, charms etc.
And the only one around europe what is selling sweets! all other shops I have found are ridiculus overpriced ove have a really expensive shipping. I don't want to pay over 25$ shipping for three little packages of Pocky!!!
But Tofu Cute is really wonderful. The service is as nice as personally. Even the mails you will get after your register and order are super cute♥
They were fast, friendly and well priced, so all what I want and expect from a good shop.
You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Flickr.
I will definitely order with them again~

So here we come to my ordered stuff, I only ordered sweets this time. Next, I will look for an cute alcapa purse and stickers.

My package was well packed. They even put a cute Tofu Cute sticker on it♥

Meltykiss with White Chocolate

I wanted to try out this kind of chocolate a longer time ago. As I think, this is a winter edition... I'm a winter child, so no matter.
Sadly, the Meltykiss chocolate  is a little melted, but I ordered it within the hotest days in summer, so it's okay.
The chocolate is smooth and sweet and really delicious.

Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Cones

The Apollo chocolate is not melted and was extra packed in plastic foil, because of the awesome arom.
The chocolate is like on normal chocolate bars, just only in the Apollo cone form.
They are pretty small but very tasty and looking very lovely. 

Petit Pastel Icecream Chocolates

I was really excited to try these, because I often saw them at Lime Crime's instagram photos.
They are looking truely cute, and taste good. The chocolate 'cone' is made of dark chocolate and the cones are sweet biscuit balls who are coloured in white, yellow, organge, mint & pink pastels.

SakuSaku Panda Strawberry Biscuits

 I was really happy getting these sweets, but sadly they are completely melted together ;___;
Anyway it tastes good. And the biscuit is still super crunchy.

Chocoboy Mushroom Biscuits 

I have searched for real Kinoko No Yama but I wasn't able to find some in other shops for a good price.
But I know Chocoboy and Orions chocolate mushrooms are pretty okay.

Pepero Alomond
Yes I bought two of these. I love Almond Pepero so much♥
It tastes so good but its so simple.
Tofu Cute is selling it for only 1,24€ So, I think this is my favourite from this order.

Come to the rest of the Pocky's I have ordered. I haven't opened everything right now, I can't eat that much. It's always a pice a day or even a piece a week. I don't eat so much sweets, I will have them for a longer time, so I can't open everything now, sorry >__<
But I'm sure they are all in good condition.

Strawberry Pocky

Always good.

Tsubu Tsubu Blueberry Pocky

I really wanted to try them too, because blueberries are one of my absolute favourite fruits. They aren't taste perfectly fruity but yummy anyway. I like them a lot♥

Double Chocolate Pocky

Really much chocolate~

Milk Pocky

I really love milk pocky. No more words to say.

All together♥

Sooo~That's it. I really like everything, and yes I will say it again, the service is perfectly.
Thanks a lot to the Tofu Cute team♥
And thank you for reading. Have a sweet weekend.