Stern Curser (Pink)

Montag, 30. September 2013

。☆Berlin Part ① - Pornobett & Erolicht☆。

Hello everybody~
Sorry for the wired entry title, it's an insider joke of mine about the hotelroom we've got in Berlin. I will explain it later in this writing, okay?
(But for those who want to understand: The correct translation of it is: porno bed and erotic light) 

It's some days ago where I have visited berlin for 6 days with my mother because of the art week. It's a special event wich started at the September.
We started at the first day, in the morning with driving by car. 
This is my outfit:

Outfit Roundown: 

Headbow: chocomint
Shirt: Banana Fish
Skirt: MONKI
Leggins: Pimkie
Crew Socks: Bodyline
Creepers: Demonia

The smart girl have freshly dyed her hair a day before *yay* I love this intensive color so bad♥ And I think that this deep purple color is much more elegant as pink. Don't missunderstand me, I still love the pink color what I have used before and want to dye my hair with it again, but atm. I like it a way more in this colorway.
This time, I tried to make a little dip dye from purple to pink on the right part^___^

We booked a room for two persons in the Arcotel John F., here are some photos of our room:

We even had a rockinghorse chair in our room. Soooo comfy♥ And the right view from your room... the left one showed one of the maaaaaaaaaaaaany construction sites we counted about 18 construction cranes -___-# THIS IS NOT A JOKE

This were our bed. I called it Pornobett... because of the design... and it's illuminated from behind with LED *hahaha*

We arrived around 4~5pm and spend an hour in the hotel, before we start going to the grand opening of the art week.
All this starts in the half of a street, the Auguststrasse, the street were so full of people!! And what kind of people!! I think I never listened to so many different languages in around 10 minutes! It was interesting and scary at the same time *haha*

This is the beginning. We had to walk until the end of the other side of the street to arrive.

There is the little stage *uhuu* ... from behind XD
I was so small that I haven't a good view to it as I stand in front of.
I'm sorry u__u

The left photo shows a exhibition house, we have visited staturday. the right photo is the 'disco' for this evening, it was all electronic and well.. not really my kind of taste^___^'

We ate dinner in a mediterranean restaurant & bar in a street next to the Auguststrasse. It was very tasty ~
After having dinner, we drove back to the hotel by taxi.

I haven't slept good the first night... but it was okay. Our bed were just a way to soft.... and it was strange to sleep with the LED illumination behind me .___.

Anyway, the hotel staff was super friendly over the whole time, it was a good experience at the Arcotel.

See U in the next Berlin entry ^__~



  1. Antworten
    1. Da man es so gut wie zu erst sehen konnte, wenn man reinkam war es auch mein erstes Kommentar zum Zimmer. Das hat sich dann die ganze Woche erhalten XDD

  2. Was für ein tolles Zimmer *O* Und das Bett ist ja echt mal genial *hach*

    1. Dankeschön♥ Die Enpfangsdame die es uns zugeteilt hat war auch superlieb. Wir haben fast im Obersten Stockwerk gewohnt XD
      Es wirkt auf den Fotos allerdings etwas größer als es eigentlich ist. ^__^'