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Montag, 7. Oktober 2013

。☆Berlin Part ② - MONKI Haul☆。

I'm so sorry for writing so splitted, but I have much to do these days and I hope the stress will end soon u__u Among other things, I'm working on new MeltyWish jewelry for the upcoming NiCon in Hannover, a wonderful convention what's not too big or too small, with lovely people. MeltyWish will having a booth for the 4th time♥

I will try to end up with the Berlin entries as soon as possible.
There is much I should show you as a review or something like that, because I got so much stuff this summer and in the start of autumn.

First, here  is my outfit from the second day I've spend in Berlin:


Cardigan: Mango
Skirt: Yessica
Leggins: PRIMARK
Boots: Donna Piú
Scarf: Accessorize
Accessories: chocomint, MeltyWish

We start the day with a breakfast in a BALZAC COFFEE on our way to the Auguststrasse. It was pretty funny because there were little sparrows inside of the coffee house because the door were wide open and it seems like to be normal that the people getting birdy visitors XD


 When we went to the Auguststrasse the day before, we need to pass the Münzstrasse and there were a shop of my absolute favourite EU brand shop: MONKI *___*
I told it to my mother, and well, she knowed that I need some new stuff for winter and she was that kind to made the suggestion to go to MONKI with me the next day. THANK YOU MUM♥
Every MONKI shop have a special room design inside, and the one in Berlin is in the 'Sea Of Scallops' design, what's made with so much mirrors and alloy all round, like in a mirror cabinet, really awesome.
I was searching for long armed tops and a pair of shoes. Just some good babies for all time basics, so I was looking for black x white stuff.


Name: Kee Knit
Really comfy and super soft one. I haven't expected that it would suit me. My mother picked it out and it was a good idea ^__^

Name: Joanna Blouse
I'm pretty sorry for these many wrinkles, this fabric mixture is just like that, and I just putted this out of my trunks.
I really like this cute pirrot colloar and the polka dotos pattern♥ Hopefully I can get the cream white version as well.

Name: Lydia Blouse

A very cool blouse made of chiffon and a leather collar (don't know if real or not). Easy to wear and pretty psychodelic~

Name: Kimmy Cardigan
I already worn it and love it a lot, super comfy, warm and the pockets are very roomy.
I really need a big, long black cardi, it's so good♥

Name: Pamela Skirt
I saw this cutie already this summer on their store in Hamburg, It's looking better in real and worn. The fabric os chiffon~

Name: Addison Leggins Ghost Flowers
Sorry for showing you just this little piece of it, but well, it's just a normal shaped leggings with this pattern. It's not a pattern I would usually wear. But I like it, it reminds me on a vintage photo.

Name: Luisa Platfrom
I really, really wanted them since I saw them this summer *____* They are pretty comfy and easy to coordinate with my usual clothes♥

Name: Polly Socks Oki

Well, everybody need socks, alright? And these are the opposite theme of my iPhone Ikmo cover *haha*

After shopping at MONKI, we looked also into some other shops, but they're not the stuff I was looking for. But it was interesting to walk through this part of Berlin.
The people are very interesting... and I met maaany hipstars in Urban Outfitters... it was just strange...

As we arrived in the Auguststrasse, we made a little break, because it was a long walk.
We ate a really good curry soup and drank wonderful apple tea at the Milch Halle it's a little café like thingie with cool people inside.

After our break we visited some small galleries who are located in the Auguststrasse and walked in the famous 'DO YOU READ ME?!', an special magazine & lecture store what's always full of people.
Both of us bought something.
I bought the japanese 'Fruits' magazine, with a lot of street fashion snaps and two photo cards.

I really like the idea of the printed paper bag and the clear plastic bag for good protection.

It's really interesting how many people are wearing platforms in this mag.. and I can understand everybody *haha*

I think we spend 80% of the day with walking around.. and it was good, I like to walk around in interesting cities I don't know very well. There is so much to see^___^
I had sushi for dinner and a better sleep as the night before~

See you on the next Berlin entry♥