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Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

~*★Lolita Blog Carnival: A Peek Inside My Closet★*~

Hello lovelies♥
Long long time ago that I've written a post about a Lolita Blog Carnival topic ^___^
But all the time it was a bit difficult to write a blogpost on friday, because I always have a lot to do at the last business day of the week.
My closet changed a lot this year, I think the reason is AP's anniversary year, and the great exchange rating of the Yen. I got so many dream dresses this year, it's crazy, I was driving crazy!
Thanks to AP who realeased two of my aboslute favourites.

Let's start:

 I choose my beloved Day Dream Carnival for my sewing doll decorated it a little with some MeltyWish accessories.

I think all the stuff I designed for my DDC is matching well, right?
btw. the 'Dreamy Day Unicorn' necklace will be also online for sale soon!

My newest dress: Glass Bottle Of Tears

I had a fight with my soul for these two precious babies, Milky Planet & Dream Sky are together with Day Dream Carnival my absolute top 3 dream dresses. But all three were super expensive for me and hard to get. I'm really proud of this starry collection.

These are two OP's by Angelic Pretty: Original Print (wich is a lucky pack dress) & Sugar Pansy. The first one wasn't planned and wouldn't be in my closet if I won't got this so cheap (80€ with headbow and shipping). The Suagr Pansy were my birhday present of the last year, and I'm really happy that I got it. It's my favourite flower print.

This is one of my best dresses, the Shooting Star JSK, and my very first AP dress, the Whipped Magic OP.

On the left is my Emmelina JSK by Innocent World, and right you can see my very first brand dress the Ribbon Scalloped JSK by Baby The Stars Shine Bright♥

I'm really sorry for the bad photo quality of my Psycho Cameo JSK, wich is not made by a real lolita brand, it's a spin doctor dress. This is a british brand wich made a lot of steam punk stuff. But tgis dress is looking like a real lolita dress for punk lolita or gothic lolita style. The tulle is super soft and the cut is also good!
The pink dress, is my Chocoberry JSK by Bodyline. It's my most comfy dress. I really love to wear it♥ A lot of my friends own it too ^__^

On the left is my favourite Bodyline dress, it doesn't have a name, it's the Carousel print JSK :D
On the right is my very first Lolita dress, wich I have bought from a lolita friend of mine. It's the Dear Celine Summer Chiffon JSK, wich isn't listed anywhere anymore.

Okay~ I think these are a lot photos for just a post, but let's go for accessories and socks. If you know my other lolita posts, you will know wich bags and shoes I have an wear the most ^___~

This is how I store the most of my hairgoods, wristcuffs, deatachable bows, 2-way clips, gloves & wrist cuffs.

One of my beangles is also between all the lace♥

A loooooot of chocomint stuff.

I have a mini 'closet' for my brand jewelry and also for some of my MeltyWish accessories.

I have even more accessories... a LOT more. I don't even want to count them all... I would take about two days, I'm sure.

My beloved beangles♥ By chocomint, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose temps de fillé and Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

This year, I got a lot of AP socks~ And of course there are a lot of Bodyline socks, a pair of Btssb, and Metamorphose♥

6%Dokidoki, chocomint & MeltyWish star clips~
Yes I'm a little obsessed with them.

All my headbows♥ By Angelic Pretty, Btssb, Ribbonlicious, chocomint, Bodyline and DOL.

Two of AP's 'Fluffy Sugar' valetta's ♥
I wish I would have a black one too~

A brand new pink valetta, I bought this summer. I never worn it, because I bought it for a casual outfit, or my next pink dress I won't have a headbow for.
And surprise! My new Glass Bottle of tears matches very well.♥

My Milky Planet valetta♥
It's as glittering as the dress*__*

My 6%Dokidoki casquarde bow♥

My MeltyWish 'Sugary Rose' hair clip♥

Yes, I know that this isn't a good photo. But I love my Dreamy Horoscope valetta. It's my most worn one.

On the left, my DDC with my new Sheinside winter cape, wich is sadly not exactly like I've expected. But it's still matching with some of my dresses. On the right, my new Glass Bottle Of Tears with one of my MeltyWish chockers.

Isn't this an awesome detailed print? *__*
Definetely one of my favourite alice in wonderland inspired print♥


All my lovely wrist cuffs... all by Angelic Pretty. I LOVE WRISTCUFFS!!!!! *___* I would like to have 50 pairs of them, if I could. *haha*

These are my newest babies, the Heart Charm Velvet Ribbon wristcuffs. They arrvied without any customs duty yesterday^___^
I wanted pure white cuffs for so long! I'm so happy that I got them♥

Thank you for reading my Lolita Blog Carnival post♥

Have fun with the posts from the other LBC lovelies♥
 Öhrchen Langeberger  ★ Mini MoAbbey SwiftNancy Nolte


  1. You're collection is so precious! I love the pastel and star theme you have.

    1. Thank you♥ I hope I can collect more beautiful star printed dresses in the future. My favourite pieces are now in my closet, and this makes me really happy ^___^
      I totally forgot to take photos of my blouses, boleros etc. XD But hey, this won't be my last wardrobe entry. I think I will update it piece by piece~

      What is your favourite print theme in lolita?

      Happy Holidays♥

  2. Waaahnsinn *o* SO viele schöne Sachen! Ich möchte in deinem Schrank wohnen, er ist ein Wunderland X3
    Der Print von Bodyline heißt afaik "Merry-go-round", kann mich aber auch irren :D

    1. Vielen Dank♥ Innerhalb eines Monats hat sich sogar schon einiges geändert, da ich mich ja von ein paar Sachen getrennt hab, und ein paar neue reingewandert sind XD
      Aber, ich hab völlig vergessen meine Cardigans etc. und Schuhe zu posten, obwohl ich sie fotografiert hab... tja, dann wohl beim nächsten mal ^___^

      Joa, ich seh das mit den Bodyline Kleidern nicht soooooooooo eng. Ist halt irgendwie nicht so, wie bei den echten Brands... schade eigentlich. Aber bis auf Blusen und Schuhe ist mir so gut wie komplett die Lust auf Bodyline vergangen.. ich bin wohl zu sehr von AP verwöhnt.. und der Bodyline Chef geht mir wirklich übelst auf den Keks u___u