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Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 10

Hello & welcome to day 10♥

Today I'm gonna show you what's in my bag if I'm going out in lolita ^____^ So, prepare yourself for some photos of my newest AP bag from the 'Candy Sprinkle' JSK Lucky Pack.

Day 10 : What’s in your bag?

At first: I really, really, REALLY LOVE this awesome heart bag. AP does a super good job at the LP this year. I wanted a bag like this for so looooong♥
 I'm super happy. The bag is super roomy and the material is soft & wonderful.

 Let's come to the inside~

From left to right:
Tissues, my Sentimental Circus wallet, an arpakasso pouch where I'm protecting my Panassonic headphones & iPhone charger with. My keys, a lipstick (or gloss) atm I like to wear my Lime Crime GERADIUM, M.A.C Blot Powder (with a mirror inside), circle lens boxes, a all joined pen (from Hello Kitty), an Sentimental Circus note pad, my THE BODY SHOP raspberry perfume, a Hello Kitty box for lashes or rhinestones with eyelash glue inside. 

I hope you liked this simple entry ♥ 

See you tomorrow ^___~


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