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Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 15

Hello everyone, and happy late valentines day♥
So, so sorry for the interruption yesterday, but I wasn't home and had only the cahce to take the photos yesterday morning.
After I figured out that I took abou 55 photos... I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be able to write the post at the same day, because I met a friend of mine in the city, got a rose, were out with more friends at an asian all you can eat and... well. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed my valentines day, even if we can't get any tickets for any movie at the cinema.
Winter's Tale have to wait a little ;__;
Anyway, today I will made two posts. The one I missed yesterday, and the one for today. Now I'm gonna show you all the cute stuff, I got this winter. I know, I overdid it somewhat... but I couldn't resist. AND YES, I KNOW THAT ALL IS PINK OR WHITE. I'M A LADY, LET ME BUY WHAT I WANT♥

Day 15 : A picture of your last lolita purchase.

 Because I'm making this challenge, I think I put just everything in this post, because I want to show it to you anyway. If you're interested into a review for some of the shops or pages I've ordered from, please write me a comment^___~

 I start with my cute can kill order:

To be honest: I like the designs, the colors and the kind of concept. But the products aren't made in a really good quality. Even the jumprings aren't well made. The only think I really love are the eternal heart earrings. They're like perfect. But all the other stuff.. sorry. Maybe It's because of the fact that I'm making jewelry by myself and working a way longer, with more details and in a better quality. I like to wear my cck stuff anyway, and the prices are super good, and also the shipping isn't expensive.


I had the chance to get this awesome lolita crown second hand for only 29€ in total.
It's never worn by the preowner, and like new. Just perfect. Even a little bigger than I've expected. Now I can made some really cute vinage, princessy coords*__*


I wanted a piece of this harajuku brand for a longer time, and got the chance to buy these fluffy cuties for 2,50€ including shipping at Kleiderkreisel. I'm super happy with them and like to wear them a lot♥

Lady Sloth

I bought this really cute chiffon bolero second hand at Dunkelsüß. I paid 30€ + shipping, I think. Lady Sloth is a polish indie brand, and the quality is really good! I think I will buy directly from them too, any day.
The bolero is quite big. Even a little, tiny bit to big for me. But I really like to wear it anyway, because it's super comfy and the sleeves are princessy.

I love the sleeeeeeeeeves♥


Yes I count my Glass Bottle Of Tears JSK to my winter purchases. I bought it in december, as a present to myself.
I will show you some better photos of the dress, next.

The fake fur cape came in an other colorway as I've expected. The stock photo on the page where like between cream white and ivory. But not... beige. I like it anyway and it's matching to some of my dresses. But a cream white/ivory one would be a lot better.
I will add some lace or ruffles to it later, but atm.. no time to customize it. I just sewed this cream white bow pin and attached it.

The fur collar is deatachable and really soft♥

Soooooooo fluffy♥

Angelic Pretty:

Glass Bottle Of Tears JSK in pink

I wanted this dress since the first time I saw it at the release. I love, love, LOVE the print and design. A dress I like in any colorway and version. Except of the special JSK set, because the pretty bottle print at the bottom is missing.
Even if the print's name sounds a little sad, I really like it. And the details are super lovely. They put so much effort into the 'bottles' Even a little alice, a rabbit, roses, pansies and a clock is inside and around.
The lace is with tea cups and playing crads.

The lovely blouse is from the Candy Sprikle Lucky Pack. I don't like to sell it, but it's really, really small. I need to resell it. u____u
Anyone interested?

 Soooooooo beautiful lace details.

Magical Étoile JSK in pink

I really love the funfair print and the silver details. Especially the classical pony lace AP used for the Day Dream Carnival & the Sugary Carnival is super lovely on it. The cut is simple, but very good any lady like. It's even a little longer as the usual lolita dresses from this brand.
But the best thing is:
Allk over the dress are tiny silver glitter stars who are twinkleing. But they are so tiny, that you can't see them on the photos.
I haven't expected that and loved it even more as I before.
The bad thing is:
Even with the full back shirring, it's super small. I think it's the smallest dress I own. I can usually breath, but it's really uncomfortable. ;___;
I like to wear it anyway. It's so lovely♥

Eternal Party Bow

As I saw the design of this bow, I wanted it. I can't decide between the white and pink colorway, but pink wins. The fabrics are so wonderful. The dotted tulle, and silk. So prefect and pricessy♥

And the rose lace is of course also perfect♥

Day Dream Carnvial & Lace Heart Charm wristcuffs

I love both of them soooooooo much. They're perfect, as all the wristcuffs I own.
I really wish that I can get the DDC wristcuffs in other colorways too.
I got mind second hand at Dunkelsüß for 25€ including shipping. And they are like new.

The Heart Charm Wristcuffs are directly bought at AP's overseas store. I wanted pure white wristcuffs for so long! They are very long, comfy, cute and elegant at once. As I bought the Glass Bottle Of Tears, I need to buy these, who are release with the Sweet Cream House.

 I love the little golden pony charms so much, and of course the starry lace. The colors are so pretty.

They are super, duper soft. And the charms made them even cuter. The velvet bows are also perfect♥

Day Dream Carnival OTK in lavender

I was so happy to get these super beautiful OTK's wich I like the most from all the designs they made for the DDC.
I got the last pair from AP's shop. And the day started so lovely as I got them. But.. well. They haven't fit and I sold them after I've tried one of them.
I was so annoyed. But I think I will buy the DDC tights or crew socks (I prefer the socks).

Candy Sprinkle Lucky Bag

The AP fukubukuro came in a giant, deep pink eco bag. I think this bag is super handy for traveling.

Even the print on it is super cute♥


The headbow is a simple alice bow with the Candy Sprinkle print and white standard lace. All is well made as always.

Heart Bag

You already know this pretty bag from my What's In My Bag? entry, but it's from the set, so I show it again.
The material is amazingly soft and wonderful. And I adore the peal bead at the bow. Of course, I like the golden AP logo♥


These OTK's are super long. I think they are the longest I've ever owned.I really like the minty pony on it and all the little colorful stars. But the pink isn't really matching with the pink of the dress.
It's more a classy, peachy pink, not a berrish-lavender pink like the JSK.


Sorry, that I haven't take a full view photo. I just forgot it. But the details and lace are the best thing on it, so I hope you enjoy the photos anyway^___^'

The buttons are even glittering~~~ So wonderful, discreet details all around.


Do I have to say that I'm totally in LOVE with it? I think not. It's just beautiful. AP did such an awesome job on it. The only thing I miss, is the little in build petti. They made it without it. But that's okay.
I made it a little bigger in the back, because the official size in cm at AP's website is wrong. They've written the bust would be up to 108cm, wich would fit, but it only goes up to 98cm max. And this is a way too small for my big bust u___u
So I gave it to the tailoring and they sewed some matching fabric at the left and right side of the shirring. It's looking very good and I fit in it perfectly♥

The iridecent crystal heart buttons are so pretty *__* I'm so in love with them♥

The star lace at the bottom is a new one from AP and I really hope that they will use them more often next time♥

A print close up at the end♥ I hope you like my photos and forgive me for letting you wait.

See you later ♥


  1. Für wie viel würdest du die Bluse verkaufen wollen? Hast du ungefähre Maße?

    1. Ich würde 38€ dafür nehmen.
      Maße sind:

      Bust: 89cm
      Waist: 78cm
      Länge: 50cm
      Sleeve length: 58cm
      Cuff: 21cm

      Hier sind die offiziellen Maßangaben:

  2. Weil dann würde ich sie gerne nehmen :) (ich brauche eine vernünftige Langarmbluse in weiß xD) weiß nicht, inwiefern wir uns vor der LBM sehen >_< weil auf der LBM wird die Übergabe sich bestimmt etwas schwierig gestalten :/
    Bin in den kommen zwei Wochen auf jeden Fall zwischendurch in Hannover, weiß nicht, ob du vllt. auch ab und zu dort bist :/

    1. Sind die Maßangaben passend? Dann kannst du sie natürlich gern nehmen, sie ist wirklich wunderbar.
      Ich weiß es auch nicht, aber ich bin vor der LBM bestimmt noch mal in Hannover. Oder wir treffen uns vielleicht einfach mal zusammen? Haben uns ja ewig nicht gesehen.

    2. Ja Brust ist bei mir nur 1cm mehr, aber ich denke, das wird nicht sooo das Problem sein :D
      Wäre auch noch eine Möglichkeit :) könnte ja auch wieder zu dir kommen, dann können wir auch shooten, wenn du Lust hast :D

    3. Naja, in den offiziellen angaben, sind ja noch ein paar cm mehr drin, ich denke schon das du reinpasst.
      Gern, das würde mich freuen, wenn das wetter so bleibt dann ist under garten ja mal wieder eine perfekte kulisse XD

    4. Yöy! xD
      Ich guck mal, wie ich in den nächsten zwei Wochen arbeite und dann kann ich dir sagen, an welchen Tagen ich Zeit hätte :)

    5. Okay~ Sag mir einfach bescheid ^____^
      Würde mich freuen♥