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Montag, 3. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 4

Hello and very welcome to day 4 of the Lolita Challenge♥
And happy Setsubu everyone~
I hope the japanese spring is coming over there *haha*

Today's topic is:

Day 4 : 10 different kinds of food you like.

Well, I think this is just one more question about my personality and not really about 'lolita' itself. But that doesn't matter, I like to answear~

Okay, let's start with cute food:

1. Cupcakes♥ Especially if they are made with chocolate or lemons.

2. I know, it's something to drink, but COFFEE. I just love coffee and starbucks. You can always make me happy with a sweet, milky, but strong coffee.

3.  Macarons♥ They are always looking stunning and there is such a huge variety of them.

4. Sushi, of course! One of my favourite food ever. I really love fish and all what you can eat from the wide, wide ocean.

5. Vegetarian (or vegan) vegetable spread.  The best is mushroom or tomato, topped with fresh cutted avocado slices.

6. Home made cheese cake. This is a kind of a family tradition. I got an old, hand written cheese cake recipe from my grandmother and I have to keep it and I'm the only one who's allowed to change it a bit, like over the generations. So, I'm always making our own one.

7. Greek food (except of olives). I'm like a little grown up at the greek island crete. I still love it so be there. And good... I just love greek food. It's like everything is tasty and wonderful. I swear.

8. Takoyaki. One of my favourite food from japan. I really love octopus, and the ball shape and the taste of fresh made takoyaki is just a dream.

9. Fresh & pure, german apples and greek oranges.  I could eat these fruits like over the whole day.

10. To be honest, I really love to eat vegetables, fish and all that healthy stuff, because it's very tasty and good for my body, but I'm also a girl that likes KFC's Hot Wings *___*

Soooooooo ~ The food♥
Mostly I'm eating organic and usual food, even more fruits, vegatables and eggs and really not much sweets or junk food. I'm living in a usual family house and we're mostly buying the good stuff from the organic markets or farms.
Things like chocolate, gummy bears, bubble gum or something like those kind of snacks are really seldom. There are just not there *haha*


See you tomorrow~


  1. Käsekuchen..... *yummy* Der ist in unserer Familie auch eine Tradition. *_*

    1. *haha* Ja, Käsekuchen ist immer gut♥

    2. Käsekuchen! Größte Liebe!!! :)