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Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

~*♡ ꒰30 Days Lolita Challenge꒱ ♡*~ Day 7

Hello, and welcome to the 7. day of the lolita challenge♥

Today I want to show you, the cutest cuties who are inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as me.

Day 7 : 10 people who inspire your lolita style.

Melva Yan

Melva is a girl from Hongkong who's living in Sweden. She's a really big inspiration to me, because she have a really good taste and I think she can just wear everything like magical.
I know her through her instagram & also have her in my friends list on fb. She's a really pretty, and super friendly girl♥



Federica is one of the most wonderful girls, I have ever met through the internet. She's amazing. I love her style. I like everything she's wearing.
Her taste is not matching with mine, except of some street styles, but she's inspiring to me anyway. And we have a similar weakness to Lockshops wigs.
She's a penpal of mine and I hope I can met her soon.


Alanah May

As I started watching the wonderful & popular Deerstalkerpictures videos, and my first thought was 'OMG What a beautiful face'. She's making really pretty coords and is obsessed with Angelic Pretty. Her enthusistic kind of being is inspiring to me, and I like her simple sweets styles a lot♥
She's like an otome idol to me *haha*


Maki & Asuka 

I think these two cuties are the very best inspiration to me, too. I'm so thankful for these cute designer girls. I can't write it with words. They are doing such an awesome job.
The dresses, prints, cuts, the lace, bags... ALL is pretty and cute and beautiful and well made and.. perfect. JUST PERFECT. Thank you so, so much♥
The dresses are the best inspirations to me.

Misako Aoki

I think all around is cute on her. I love her really kawaii voice and simple kind of sweet lolita style. She's not overdressed but kawaii as f*ck.
She can do everything.. it's cute. That's pretty awesome. She's the kind of a living doll, I really like and agree.

Rinrin Doll

It's the same with her, as with Misako Chan. She's a really, really pretty girl. And I like the fact that she's good in english and is a way more independent. I even like the other styles she's wearing except of lolita.
She can just wear everything.

Kimura Yuu

I like her really, really cute style. She's like a living pastel fairy. And I think think she's the best looking girl with pastel pink hair. I love the colors she's using for her outfits. I think I never saw an outfit wich I dislike. Everything is just too cute♥
And I love the accessories like brooches and hairgoods she's using to decorate her cute clothes to make it even more kawaii.

Imai Kira

 She is one of the best lolita illustrators ever. Like ever EVER. I like the symbols she's putting all together in her artworks. And the kind of basicly colors she's using.
It's like a mixture of vintage and kawaii, wich I really, really agree. I love how she's drawing ruffles and... EVERYTHING.

Yeah, I know that these are only nine people. But... well, the rest of my best inspirations aren't persons or persons who are doing lolita things. My most inspirations are materials like fabric, beads etc. and good fashion magazines like the KERA.

I hope you enjoyed and check the accounts of my lovelies♥