Stern Curser (Pink)

Montag, 30. Juni 2014

~✩ʚThe Crystal Dream Carnival LOVEɞ✩~

I think, it's the dress we've all waited for. Or still waiting for?

Are you waiting for the headbow too, like me?
I've got the Tiered JSK like in the last second. I've written to my SS as soon as I knewn on wich date you could do a reservation. But she wasn't home and replied only a night before the reservation starts!!!
The fact were that she already has to buy the Crystal Dream Carnival for two other persons, and if you know the rules of AP's new releases, you know, that they're only selling two main pieces in total to one person only. She has to wait a second time at the release day, for buying the Tiered JSK for me.
I haven't expcet anything, of course not that she got the most wanted piece together with the headbow. I was so happy that morning as I saw her positive mail in my box ^_____^

I've written to her, that it doesn't matter with colorway she will get, as long as she will get the Tiered JSK version with the matching headbow. And now, I'm really, really happy to say, that I got it in pink. I really like it in that colorway, because the main part of the print is popping out of the dress on it. Of course I really like the navy and lavender version too. But I like pink anyway, and the did a good job on it I think.
Did you already recieved your dress? I decided to wait for the headbow, until my SS will ship it out.

 I can't wait to recieve mine, unpack it, touch it, iron it, try it on.
But well. I don't want to pay the shipping fee twice.

I was even able to get some other Crystal Dream Carnival Accessories... and still want some more, because I really love this series.

I really love the OTK design. But I'm sure that they won't fit, because of the subtile golden harlequin pattern. Pretty sure that they're a little to tight for my legs. u___u

But I will try my luck. I will have some other pink socks wich I can wear with the JSK. My socks-collection is really big in my eyes...

My wristcuffs addiction done it again. Well, it's wonderful to buy a 'complete set'. And I think I can wear these beauties with some of my other dresses, or future pieces too.
 Isn't this golden lace adorable?

Yes, I got the brooch in lavender. I wanted it so much in this colorway. Don't you think that would match perfectly because of the blueish main print at the bottom?
And of course I want to use it for other coords ^____^

The golden pegasus ring. I really love this simple, very cute design. Gold is my favourite colorway, of this design. And it's one of the few AP rings, who are adjustable. And wearable for other dresses and fashion styles.

Well, a thing I bought too, but isn't from this series or even something to wear:

The AP summer collection of the year. I'm excited to take a look in it, because it's my very first real catalogue from Angelic Pretty.
I would be just happy to have it. Even if I can't get any other piece or will know all the summer piece if I recieve it. 

There are even thing from the CDC series I still like to buy, like the matching bag in lavender, or the matching bonnet in pink... or the new Logo design ring and necklace from past saturday.
But well, I think I've spend enough money atm.
All the items from this series looking really sepecial and detailed. I think it's worth all the money. They put a lot of effort in everything.



The Imai Kira Card artwork. I really, really like it! She's always making the best illustrations♥♥♥



  1. Your Blog is soooooo adorable and kawaii! *_* ......I wish I could do something like that! *_*

    1. Thank you so much! I will keep on blogging ^__^ Please tell me wich kind of blog entries I should prepare!